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Instantly Up-level by Dressing Your Million Dollar Self

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We created this amazing community to give all of you—the incredible Influencers, Pathfinders, Change-Makers, and Leaders who want to INSTANTLY UP LEVEL by Dressing Like Your Million Dollar Self —an opportunity to network, level up, celebrate, support, collaborate and encourage each other in each other's journey through style.

What is Ascension Through Style?

Ascension Through Style is where Spiritually minded Influencers, Pathfinders, and Change-Makers can Discover a Style that Liberates Your Soul so You can Step into Your Greatest Potential  and Unlock the Storehouse of Abundance in Your DNA.

Are you ready to really take yourself out to the edge of what is possible for you in your business?

Nothing will ever be the same again.

The time is now to for you to release and relinquish and reclaim a new level of power.

We have the choice of what our reinvention is from a place of authenticity. 

It’s a freedom to be — freedom from the structures that made you conform into something that you were never meant to be as a woman. 

We are stepping into a higher frequency that completely supports you in you business. This spiritual movement is required.

It's time to be you in your skin. You don’t need the cover up of ego that the systems have dictated to you that you must have it. 

You are rising from the depths of your spirit into your greatest potential.


The spirit of your prosperity can only be delivered through your ability to come home to EXPRESS WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

Why Ascension Through Style?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of pain is physical injury, or maybe emotional pain. But... have you ever considered that the clothes in your closet may be causing you pain? 

You can tell when someone hasn't found their ascended style. They're stuck in the shadow of the self, experiencing doubt, lack of confidence, and low self-worth. They hide, barely showing up, blending in while apologizing just for being who they are.

It's time to stop waiting for someone to give you permission to make big changes around how you show up and the way you look - whether that’s your mother, your best friend, your boyfriend/husband or even the fashion industry!

We are tired of wearing clothes that don't take you to the Next Level. We are tired of clothes that make you blend in. Clothes that make you feel bad about yourself or keep you stuck in life. Clothes that don’t represent who you truly are on the inside - Your Million Dollar Self!

It's time to stop holding yourself back because of the way you think you look. Putting pressure on yourself to lose those extra pounds you might have gained during the pandemic - just so that you'll finally be able to wear the clothes you really love.

We are glad you are here.  We know there’s so much more potential in you! It's time for you to fully express it!

It's time for you to stand out and ascend to the next level in whatever journey you are on in your life. We know that when you find a style that liberates your soul, you embody your highest and best self from the outside-inYou are free and liberated.  You can live the life of your dreams and pave the way for others to do the same

When you go on an ascended style journey, a Million Dollar Style transformation takes place. You step into your purpose and your power. You activate your greatest potential. The potential you ALWAYS had inside of yourself...

You start to fully EMBODY the expression of your true authentic self! It's as if you are literally clothing yourself in your DREAMS - every single day. Your style says that you're safe there, you're no longer separated from self. You've dressed your soul and are completely liberated from old ways of being. You now feel unstoppable, confident, worthy, high-level, ready to be seen, boldly showing up in rooms you once felt too much in, and in total alignment with your greatest potential and infinite abundance.

This is not just about clothing. It’s about using style to affect a deeply spiritual and massively life changing shift. A change so big - it changes your DNA.

Imagine being who you want to be in the world on your terms on a daily basis, your highest and best self. Your Million Dollar Style can land you that dream job, attract those high level, affluent clients, exponentially expand your business,  attract the love of your life, and make a positive impact in the world while feeling confident and brave and courageous to go after the life of your dreams.  

We are Ascension Fashion Stylists. We don't follow fashion rules or trends. We break them. We encourage our clients and members to do the same.

The fashion industry has programmed us to believe that having great style is all about:

 1. Rules 2. Trends 3. Dressing Appropriately 4. Watching your weight

As long as you follow their ever changing fashion advice, they keep holding out the promise that you will finally have the confidence to feel good about yourself. Have you ever wondered why is it that you feel like you are always ONE MORE DRESS away from feeling good in your own skin?

After years of shame based messages around the way women are supposed to look in society, the experience of getting dressed carries A LOT of pain: frustration with ourselves, shame around our bodies and a lack of self-worth.

The fashion industry would like to keep us as slaves of fashion instead of masters of it. They know that the secret to activating unstoppable confidence and self worth is through expressing your true authentic self with your style. They knowingly keep this secret from us by sharing it only with those who are rich and famous. 

Inside our community, we dive deep into the fashion programming that has been designed to keep us stuck, robbing us of our self worth, stealing our true identities and making us slaves to the endless cycle of filling up our closets with clothes we never wear and don't truly love.

What you'll discover inside the Ascension Through Style Community:

• How to build a wardrobe full of quality clothing you LOVE and can wear all the time

• How to dress your soul and express your true authentic being

• How to LIBERATE yourself from the fashion industry and shame based programming that  keeps you stuck

• How to find and manifest pieces that make sense in your wardrobe so that your closet is filled with pieces that fit and everything works seamlessly together

• How to step into confidence, your highest and best self with your style

• AND how to make your wildest dreams come true by dressing like your Million Dollar Self

On top of what you'll discover in the above, our goal is also to help you:

  1. Get answers to the burning questions you just can't find on Google when it comes to finding a style that aligns with the frequency of your big dreams and your Million Dollar Self.
  2. Find inspiration, receive love, support and encouragement from your peers.
  3. Social Time - We've got workshops, upcoming Future Self events, promoting your business opportunities, and SO much more!
  4. Meet motivated, high level change-makers and leaders like you connect, collaborate and have a supportive community in your style journey and beyond

  5. Make better, more well-informed decisions about Dressing Your Soul, Liberate Yourself and how to Instantly Up-Level Yourself, Your Income, and Your Business Through Style

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without us.

Are you ready to ASCEND in a style that speaks your purpose, your power and potential?

Join us in the Ascension Through Style Community to meet amazing leaders just like you who are liberating themselves and others manifesting the life of their dreams with a Million Dollar Style.

We've got amazing success stories and tips to inspire you to take yourself to the next level of your potential, great events to attend, a resource library full of tools (freebies) to help you achieve your dreams, opportunities to connect, collaborate and receive support, and so much more!

Take a Tour Inside:

A personal note from the creator of the Ascension Through Style community and the CEO of The ASCENSION Stylist (Formerly The Reinvention Stylist):

I'm so honored you're here. Being part of a positive, life-changing, encouraging and supportive community has changed my life for the better. And I believe it will do the same for you.

The heart behind The Ascension Stylist and this community is to SERVE you in your ascended journey with style and achieving your dreams.

I'm here to take you into the soul of your purpose.

Releasing you from the fear of the ego.

And into your authentic style for your deepest mission with deep meaning and fulfillment.

God bless,

~ Annie

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